Behind Whyart

Whyart was founded by Anna Kollberg from Alnö, Sundsvall,Västernorrland, Norrland, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe – a part of the world.

Anna has previously worked as a designer in London with experience from companies including Stella McCartney, Top Shop and Peak Performance. Today she runs a consultancy agency specialising in design and production. She also freelances at WGSN (World Global Style Network), who are the leading authority for cultural research, analysis and inspiration globally within the creative industry.

Whilst travelling the world, her camera is her constant companion. Her mind is always open and curioustiy is the orce that drives her. Discovering textures, contrasts, tastes, sounds, colours, shapes and people form an inspiring melting pot of ideas. It is in these moments, captured in different corners of the world, that Whyart is created. Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Barcelona, Mexico, Alnö, Sundsvall, Stockholm, Norway, suburbs, big cities, back streets, shortcuts, anywhere.